WINNER, Special Jury Prize for Acting, SXSW

NOMINATED, Someone To Watch Award, Independent Spirit Awards

WINNER, International Critics Prize, Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville

NOMINATED, Best Film, African Academy Awards

WINNER, Outstanding Independent Feature, Black Reel Awards

WINNER, Audience Award, Mill Valley Film Festival

WINNER, Audience Award, Phoenix Film Festival

WINNER, Audience Award, New Orleans Film Festival

WINNER, Audience Award, Omaha Film Festival

WINNER, Best Film, Ashland Independent Film Festival

WINNER, Best Director, Phoenix Film Festival

WINNER, Grand Jury Award, White Sands Film Festival

WINNER, Best Acting Ensemble, Phoenix Film Festival

WINNER, Best Film, Montreal International Black Film Festival

WINNER, Panavision Best Film Award, BronzeLens Film Festival

WINNER, Best Film, Twin Cities Black Film Festival

WINNER, Best Film, Santa Cruz Film Festival



““A movie made for the big screen…Well cast with solid performances.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES


“Unforgettable… Impressive” —THE LOS ANGELES TIMES




“Ingenious, engrossing. The atmospheric tensions of a Faulkner novella and an indie film’s more-with-less aesthetic. Topnotch performances.” —ROGEREBERT.COM


"Eloquently insightful, distinctive filmmaking… A skillfully wrought feature with appreciable emotional and historical resonance.” —THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


“Equal parts suspenseful road movie, persuasively detailed period drama and emotionally resonant coming-of-age story, ‘The Retrieval’ is an outstanding example of regional indie filmmaking accomplished with limited resources and an abundance of skill.” —VARIETY


“Damn near flawless... Speaking of flawless, that just about describes the performances as well.” —FILM THREAT


“A powerful rite-of-passage tale” —THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES


“Beautifully made.  A quietly stirring journey into America's ravaged heartland of 1864.” —INDIEWIRE


“An impressive drama….extremely strong performances by its leads” —THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE


“An absolutely gorgeous movie… The Retrieval is a hypnotic and meticulously shot period drama” —FILM PULSE


“The style of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and the themes in Django: Unchained fused together into one movie… chilling battle scenes, suspenseful dialogue exchanges and a poignant, yet tragic message” —PHOENIX NEW TIMES


“A Wonder. An inspiring portrait of a filmmaker eclipsing his negligible resources with his seemingly infinite resourcefulness. Nuanced and lived-in performances." —THE DISSOLVE


“In a word, The Retrieval is outstanding. It's as close to perfect as a movie can be…visually beautiful and thematically poetic, it's a quiet film that speaks volumes.” —SLACKERWOOD


“Chris Eska’s sophomore feature film is a well-researched and relevant drama with instinctual and gripping performances; This resonant, gem of a film deserves no less than a ‘sleeper hit’ status” —INDIEWIRE/SHADOW AND ACT


“A triumph of its genre. Not a movie about slavery so much as a movie about people, set against that historical period. “ —THE L MAGAZINE